In this darling children & family comedy, a slightly frustrated mother attempts to teach her clever daughter an agonizing lesson, yet ends up gaining a lesson of her own.

Starring Naomi Grossman, comedian extraordinaire, and introducing Kaylee Beth Dodson.  Written & Directed, Produced and Edited by Ana Zins.

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What if the girl who got away… the love of your life… came back into your grasp just before your wedding to the girl you've just settled for?  On Christmas weekend in a quaint Texas hotel, JOE BINGHAM, (Daniel Bonjour, Frequency, Dragon Quest, Ambushed) runs into the love of his life, AMY WALKER, (Leena Huff, Cheerleader Massacre 2) the one that got away, visiting home for the holiday.  The kick is it’s on the eve of Joe's white-winter wedding nuptials to DAISY SPUR, (Jen Lilley, Days of Our Lives) the girl he’s settling for.  Now Joe has one night to find out if there is a chance he can get back together with Amy before he marries Daisy with no regrets.  Joe and BUBBA WESTON, (Jesse Johnson, Killing Lincoln) Joe’s sidekick and best man, concoct a plan to get what they both really want... In Amy’s presence, Joe poses as the best man, Bubba as the groom, who occupies the bride-to-be during the wedding preparations to give Joe time to pursue Amy before he settles on marrying Daisy.

Bubbles (2010)

Getting Gretta (2005)

The Back Up Bride (2012)

mighty girl®


mighty girl®


In this campy teen romantic comedy, Steve and Gretta are desperate to move on because Community College sucks.   But when they buy their final term papers from their dubious tutor, Rick, the deal backfires for everyone.  Along for the ride is Steve’s idiotic sidekick, Mason, an outrageous fun- loving guy obsessing over lesbian drug dealers and snagging a few ounces of Rick's stolen stash.

Starring Alex Carpenter, Sarah Zins, Edan Mason, Bendan Walsh, with Maria Mochereno.  Written, Directed, and Produced by Ana Zins.  

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Produced by E. Colleen Saro and Ana Zins, Written by Sheryl P. Umayam and Ana Zins, Music by Patrick Griffin, Music Supervisor Amanda Dacey Krieg, Edited by Ana Zins, Cinematography by Sandra Valde, Production Design by Monique Cavin, Directed by Ana Zins

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